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  • Lifestyle & Sleep Disorders

    Lifestyle & Sleep Disorders

    Trouble sleeping? Lifestyle factors play a major role in the quality of sleep we get or don’t get every night. Some lifestyle factors include work schedule, stress at home and at work, obesity, physical activity, and alcohol and drug use. For example, it has been found that a high proportion of obese individuals suffer from

  • Happy Belly! Happy Mind!

    Happy Belly! Happy Mind!

    Have you ever experienced butterflies in the stomach before an important meeting? Does attempting to “cure” the blues with junk food sound familiar? If so, then you are already acquainted with the connection between our moods and our digestive pathways. Indeed our brain and digestive system are linked; certain feelings and thoughts can stimulate an

  • Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us!

    Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us!

    What are the best ways to cope? Proper nutrition and regular moderate exercise are essential for the support of a healthy immune response to help your body fight infection. In many studies malnutrition, anorexia and obesity have all been linked to a weaker immune system as minerals and vitamins play important roles in your body’s metabolic