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  • Consider… “Prehabilition!”

    Consider… “Prehabilition!”

    Most people seek physiotherapy, massage therapy or chiropractor therapy when there is a problem or an injury presents itself. However, the road to recovery takes time and the longer you wait to get back on track, the longer it takes to recover.  Have you ever considered prehabilitation? The concept is that prevention is the best

  • Ice vs. Heat?

    Ice vs. Heat?

    Have you ever asked yourself whether to use ice or heat after an injury? New research spearheaded from well known physiotherapist Jam Bahram suggests that the issue between using ice or heat after injury is more complicated than once thought. Icing an injury at the wrong time can actually slow down tissue repair and as

  • Pack it Light, Wear it Right!

    As we start to settle back into a routine after a fun summer, our minds go crazy with trying to get our kids ready for school. They may need new uniforms or clothes, school supplies and even a new backpack. Your child’s backpack is a critical part of their gear, and yet most of us