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  • Consider… “Prehabilition!”

    Consider… “Prehabilition!”

    Most people seek physiotherapy, massage therapy or chiropractor therapy when there is a problem or an injury presents itself. However, the road to recovery takes time and the longer you wait to get back on track, the longer it takes to recover.  Have you ever considered prehabilitation?

    The concept is that prevention is the best medicine; keeping you happy and active without having “down time” to recover from injury. For example the same risk factors are seen time and again for injuries such as runner’s knee, shoulder impingement and lower back injuries.

    Our therapists can help you prevent such injuries from occurring and more offering you postural assessments, movement screening, muscle weakness, faulty movement patters and even assisting with daily living activities.

    Contact us and we’d be happy to help you stay happy and healthy!

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