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  • Life Stretch

    LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch class that is designed to help you become more flexible in body, mind and spirit so that you feel not only more functionally mobile but also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of your life.


    What it does

    As opposed to targeting isolated, single muscles, LifeStretch is a functional mobility program that progresses through entire chains of neuro-myofascia. It recognizes that the brain learns movement patterns in multiple planes rather than one. Consequently, it uses movement waves, StretchWave as the fundamental way to move the body in an easy, comfortable undulating and oscillating fashion to move freely. The StretchWave breaks through movement restrictions not by painful or excessive force but by synchronizing breathing with efficient movement to facilitate the best path for an individual’s body to take.


    How it Works

    LifeStretch uses self-traction to create space in joints, greater ease of movement, avoid pinching joints and to yield bigger gains in mobility. When traction with inhalation is followed by exhalation on the mobility-stretch sequences, range of motion increases rapidly without discomfort. Oscillation-circumduction mobilizations lubricate and warm up joints prior to stretching. The brain and nervous system more quickly learns new movement patterns to replace faulty ones due to the non-painful, quick gains and ease with range of motion gains. Proprioception and kinesthesis – the abilities to sense movement and respond quickly and accurately while one is moving are greatly enhanced. Motor patterning is optimized and translates to more efficient posture, gait and other functional activities of daily living.


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