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  • BodyWorx Star Client of the month – Mike B

    Mike B. started at our clinic at the beginning of this year many injuries that were unresolved.  He has been suffering with neck strains, pec muscle tears, calf tears, shoulder injuries, low back strains – just to name a few. One of his more pressing concerns was his elbow. After a hyperextension injury to the elbow, he was unable to straighten it for over 5 years.   He had sought other therapies but nothing was successful – that’s when we introduced Mike to Shockwave.

    He was the perfect candidate.  Within a few treatments his elbow range of motion improved 90%.  We used shockwave, along with other therapies and modalities, for all his past injuries and he has been responding wonderfully. Mike is very active and receptive to our rehab suggestions.  With his hard work and dedication to therapy he has made incredible gains in his health and body function.

    We are so proud of the work he’s put in and the results we have seen.

    Keep up the amazing work Mike!


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