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  • BodyWorx Star Client of the Month – Vanessa G

    Vanessa first came to BodyWorx just a few short months after we opened our doors. She began her health journey looking to rid herself of all the “kinks” and tightness in her neck, shoulders and low back. She was first introduced to Lisa, our Registered Massage Therapist, and the two of them hit it off instantly. Vanessa’s cheerful and lively personality was infectious and she quickly became one of our favorite visitors.

    Vanessa diligently followed her treatment plans, and her goals to feel less tense were quickly achieved. To become an even healthier version of herself, Vanessa started to combine chiro and physio to her health regime. Her posture and overall health were at the best they ever were. Throughout the years here at BodyWorx we have helped manage Vanessa’s stress as she matured through life’s milestones and a new-found reason for tension, teaching. We watched as she graduated university and teacher’s college and became an elementary school teacher, planned a wedding, moved into a new home with extensive home renos, pregnancy and now as a new mom to a beautiful baby girl.

    Even with her busy new schedule she still ensures to find the time to come take care of herself and to keep in the healthiest version of herself that she possibly can. Vanessa has become like sister to us and we always look forward to seeing her and her adorable daughter.


    Thanks you for trusting us along your journey and for being a great friend to talk to – We love you Vanessa!


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