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  • BodyWorx Star Client of the month – S.B.

    Ms. S. B. first came to our clinic in January 2015 seeking treatment for her back, neck, and legs. Working at a desk all day, she knew she needed help with the aches and pains that came along with the job. We all instantly loved her spunky personality and every session was filled with amazing stories and laughter. S. B. had made great progress but unfortunately, she had to take some time off to deal with personal stresses.
    S.B. returned to her treatments this past Spring and was determined more than ever to finally make time for herself and get back into shape. She buckled down and started eating healthy and working out. In no time she lost over 40lbs. She looked amazing – the best we had ever seen! Unfortunately, she was still unsatisfied with those stubborn areas around her trunk that she couldn’t shake. That’s when we suggested a TruSculpt® 3D treatment. S. B. quickly jumped on board and we instantly saw amazing results after only ONE treatment (you can see the dramatic results in this picture). Not only does she look amazing – but she feels great too. You can see her BEAM with positivity the moment she walks through the door. Thanks S. B. for putting your trust in us. We are so happy to be working with you on your health and wellness journey.




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