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  • BodyWorx Star Client Of The Month – Alessia M.

    Alessia M. is an elite soccer player and was introduced to our clinic in March of 2016 to do baseline testing for a possible concussion. Luckily, Alessia did not suffer from any concussions over her years of playing, but she did have the TIGHTEST hamstrings we had ever seen! Over the years we have been working with Alessia to loosen up her legs through FST and massage, strengthen her back and core with our Kin, and correct her posture with chiropractic care.
    This year Alessia had a set-back in soccer. After suffering a blow to her leg she suffered from a serious hamstring strain that had to take her off the field. Although she was devastated, she was determined to get better quickly and get back in the game as soon as she could. Alessia diligently came 3 days a week to have a combination of Game Ready, shockwave, active release therapy, IFC and laser. She alternated between physio, chiro and massage treatments to maximize her healing. We had never met anyone so dedicated to her rehab – it inspired us all. After a few intense months of torturous (her words) therapy, we got her back to playing with the stability of kinesiotape. Alessia is like a little sister to us and we absolutely enjoy every minute of her time with us (and yes, those are her laughs and “Owwww”s you’re hearing down the hall).
    Thanks for choosing us to be your athletic therapists!
    We Love You!


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