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  • BodyWorx Star Client of the Month – Linda W

    Linda W. started her health and wellness journey in February of 2014. She had been suffering from many chronic aches and pains – most of them caused by her posture and high stress at work. After her first assessment, Linda made a commitment to her health and was determined to become a better and healthier version of herself. She quickly combined physio, chiro, massage and fascial stretch therapies into her regime and came diligently 2-3 times a week. Linda started to incorporate yoga into her weekly therapy and soon found the benefits of strengthening and stretching to improve her posture. After a year, she wanted and needed more, so she started personal training with Javier to get her body even stronger. Javier pushed Linda to her max and in no time she was stronger, more defined and constantly dove into challenges she never thought possible (like pulling Javier’s car).
    Linda is such a pleasure to treat. We thoroughly enjoy her visits and look forward to her great stories and anecdotes. Linda has become family here at BodyWorx and we are so happy that she partakes and values our wellness care here – so much so, that she even trusts us with her family (including her brand new beautiful granddaughter).

    Thanks for choosing us to lead you on your health journey Linda – We Love You!


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