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  • Meet Sara  – One of Our Amazing Personal Trainers 

    Sara began her journey at BodyWorx Vitality in the fall of 2017 as a clinical intern. She quickly made an impact on us all with her amazing work ethics, remarkable personal skills and spunky personality. She was immediately hired to be a clinical assistant and was great at leading our patients through their rehabilitation exercises, stretches and modalities. Sara then graduated from Humber College in 2018 with a Diploma in Heath and Fitness Promotion and decided she wanted to pursue her passion in fitness and personal training.  Sara became a certified personal trainer and has certification in circuit training, resistance training, as well as a specialty in kettlebell training. Sara switched from our clinical side to our fitness department and became our female personal trainer in the Summer of 2018. In no time, Sara has been able to transform the lives of many clients and has made our fitness team unstoppable.

    Sara’s goal during every session is to ensure the client is comfortable, has proper form and feels better leaving than when they came. Sara hopes to help boost everyone’s confidence no matter what level of fitness.


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