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  • Star of the Month – Matt D.

    Matt first started at our clinic in the summer of 2017 after spraining his neck. He quickly got back to pain-free life but returned after a car accident the following winter. Matt came religiously to his massage and chiropractic treatments and worked hard and diligent on his rehab exercises. He completed his rehab program in the spring and once again was discharged as he was pain-free.

    This past November Matt woke up with excruciating neck pain. After consulting with family medicine and getting a MRI it showed he had a neck herniation. We quickly got to work and combined chiro, massage, physio and naturopath to calm his nerve tension and pain symptoms. This has been one of our more severe nerve cases and it had Matt quite rattled. After reassurance and care Matt knew it would take quite a bit of time and work to get better. Through the pain and discomfort, we have never seen anyone so dedicated to their therapy. Between his treatments, acupuncture and supplements, he has been making great strides in his recovery. Matt puts a lot of effort into everything we throw at him.

    Matt has been an encouragement and inspiration in his willingness to push through the pain and trusting that things will get better for him. Thanks for continuing to choose us over the years to help you through your aches and pains. We Love You!


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