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  • BodyWorx Star Client of the Month –  Rossana R.

    Rossana first came to the clinic in the spring of 2015. She had a shoulder strain that she anxiously hoped to get fixed. After working diligently with Paolina through physiotherapy and sticking to her exercises, she quickly bounced back to health. Rossana stayed healthy for over 2 years when her shoulder pain slowly crept back. Since she was so successful the first time around she returned for more physio and massage. Unfortunately, she had a fall at work that led to a devastating shoulder tear. Things tumbled for the worst when she developed frozen shoulder and couldn’t lift her arm more than a few degrees.

    Rossana didn’t let these series of unfortunate events get her down and worked diligently with Dr. Stef to get her back into shape. Through the pain and grunting, Rossana worked patiently as she slowly got the range and mobility back into her shoulder. It took over 1 year but we are so happy to see Rossana back into tip-top shape. Rossana, you are an inspiration to us all. Despite the grueling pain and frustration of your injury you remained positive and diligently followed your treatment plan. We are so proud of your progress and are so happy you’ve graduated from your shoulder program of care.

    Stay strong. We love ya!


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