BodyWorx Star Client of the Month – Agnes M.

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Agnes began her BodyWorx journey in March 2016. She started to work with Paolina to address the muscle atrophy she was getting from her sedentary job. Paolina put her to work and Agnes quickly strengthened her core and was free from pain. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury brought her back in the following spring after her new dog decided to take her arm with her while he ran away.

Agnes followed our treatment plan and diligently worked hard on her rehab exercises and quickly bounced back from her injury. The following year Agnes decided she wanted to start training to run and realized something was off in her hips and low back. She started working with Dr. Amy to balance out her hips and learn better techniques to help her with her running. Once again Agnes blew us away with her commitment to her health and diligence with her treatments and rehab exercises. Agnes has switched to a maintenance program and continues to work on her health, posture and strength. We love your bubbly personality and thoroughly enjoy your stories about your boys and surprise adoption of pets. Agnes, we are blown away by your dedication. You are a true role model and we are so proud of all you’ve accomplished!

Keep up the amazing work!

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