BodyWorx Star Client of the Month – Alfredo D.

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We first met Alfredo D. when he came into BodyWorx Vitality for low back pain in April 2017. Since then he has been back for various conditions including a number of repetitive strain injuries. On and off he struggled with reoccurring pain in his low back. It would get better. then he would return to his normal day-to-day living and in short periods of time would experience pain again and the process would start all over. With constant care and commitment to his treatment goals, his pain improved and his low back got stronger.

Alfredo is a very active person who enjoys pushing himself at the gym as well as playing sports such as golf. At the end of the golf season last year, he came into the clinic with a bad case of Golfer’s elbow. After some initial treatment with Game Ready icing to control the swelling, we moved on to a combination of shockwave therapy and acupuncture as well as hands-on stretching and strengthening.
The treatment helped him immensely. He was given a home exercise program to strengthen and stabilize his elbow, which he continues to do daily. More recently, Alfredo started to experience some nagging discomfort in his left upper back. Through his care, Alfredo learned the importance of rest and proper rehab in repetitive strain injuries. He remains committed to his program of care and is determined to getting back full force at the gym.

We’re also happy to report that Alfredo is back on the golf course this year hitting birdies.

Great Work Alfredo!

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