BodyWorx Star Client of the Month – Haleema R.

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Haleema started her BodyWorx journey this past September. She had a wide range of ailments that kept her from feeling her best and doing what she loved to do. After over 10 years of recurring back pain, she was starting to get frustrated and was hoping BodyWorx would offer her something new. Haleema first met with Dr. Stef who set her on a treatment plan that not only worked to loosen her up, but encouraged her to gain her strength back to avoid re-injury.

Dr. Stef quickly realized that Haleema wasn’t going to respond to the typical treatments and adjusted her techniques accordingly. Haleema quickly was determined to get better and diligently followed her exercises. She began to explore all our services and we are so happy to see how all her hard work is paying off.

Haleema is getting stronger, and more confident and we are so proud of how far you’ve come. Keep up the great work!

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