BodyWorx Star Client of the month – Mirella L.

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Mrs. L. first came into the clinic in December 2015 with low back pain that started after a move into her new home. She started working with Dr. Stef and they immediately hit it off, despite their 45 year age gap. Mrs. L. quickly responded to her therapy and was back on her way taking care of her grandchildren and making the best tortellini.

Over the years Mrs. L. would get a set back with different areas of the body getting affected by arthritis, but she would come right back in and we would get her back to tip-top shape. This past year she had a really bad episode of knee pain and felt defeated. It was heartbreaking to see, but we knew we could help. Dr. Stef would push Mrs. L. to her max with treatments and coaxing (okay, maybe forcing her) to do exercises that she knew would be very beneficial. Mrs. L. would respond by dropping profanities, apologizing, then would call her “farfallina” (little butterfly) with a smile.

Mrs. L. we absolutely love having you at the clinic. Your personality is so vibrant that we can’t help but smile as soon as you walk in. Thanks for choosing us to help you navigate through your aches and pains.
We Adore You!!

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