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Rehab Programs

“Arthritis Program”
A combination of education, exercise and pain relief treatments.

“Diabetes Program”
An individualized nutrition plan, exercise program and education will help you cope with this disease and prevent it’s progression.

“Persistent Pain Program”
A holistic approach to all the factors that contribute to your pain. Specific pain relief techniques, strategies to cope, exercise and education all combined to give you the best results.

Fitness Programs

“Sport-specific Training”
Each sport requires specific skills, strength, stamina and precision. Whether recovering from an injury or enhancing performance, our trained professionals will help you peak your performance.

“Improve your Balance”
Whether you have a neurological condition or other physical ailment that causes you to loose your balance, our comprehensive approach will help you improve all aspects that are affecting your balance.

“Falls Prevention”
If you have experienced a fall before, you know that it can be painful, can cause serious injury and even lead to fear of doing the things you previously were able to do. Our trained professionals want to help you increase you strength, improve your balance and endurance and give you strategies to help you prevention future falls.

Wellness Programs

“Weight Loss Program”

Weight gain comes from a combination of many factors.   Lack of exercise and activity, poor eating habits, food intolerances  and other factors such as hormone imbalance and sluggish digestive systems can all influence your weight.   So in order to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off, patterns need to be changed and all factors need to be addressed holistically!  With our specialized weight loss program we want to help you realize your BodyWorx Potential and achieve your weight loss goal in 2013!

Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Health and Fitness Assessment
  • 6 Laser Acupuncture Sessions
  • 6 Personal Training Sessions
  • 3 Month Gym Membership
  • 3 Nutrition Counselling Sessions

** Some services may be covered by your extended health care plans.

“Smoking Cessation”

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult habits to kick.  Our specialized smoking cessation program will help you reduce the craving of nicotine. 

Smoking Cessation Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • 4 Laser Acupuncture Sessions
  • Detox program


“Detox Program”
There are so many toxins that get let into our bodies (some of which we don’t even know or think about). With our detox program, release the built up junk that has been accumulating in your body.