Bodywork Vitality Star Client of the Month – Sita R.

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Sita R. has been a part of our BodyWorx patient family since Aug 2013. She began her journey with us for constant knee pain that had been affecting her life on a daily basis for years. From the start she has always been extremely compliant with her physiotherapy routine and came for treatment almost every two weeks consistently. She was willing to do whatever it took to get any relief that she could.

More recently, Sita slowly came to terms with the fact that she required to get both of her knees replaced. Although she was not adamant about this decision, she toughed it out and underwent surgery on both knees in May 2019. Under our advise Sita committed to a pre-operative strengthening program to keep her muscles strong before the surgery.  After the surgery Sita became even more committed to her rehab program and has been attending physio multiple times each week to ensure she achieves and maintains full mobility.

We are happy to say that she has surpassed all her goals; her knees are doing great and she continues to wow us with her dedication and spirit.  The surgery did not slow her down one bit. Sita loves to keep herself busy by going for walks, spending time with her grandkids and really enjoys anything that keeps her moving.

Thank you for trusting us for so many years and in helping you to get back to your go-go-go life.
We love you Sita!

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