Manage Your Tennis Elbow With These 3 Exercises

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Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a serious, painful condition that requires proper care and treatment. Heavy lifting, repetitive work, or regular stress on the forearm can lead to injury in the elbow joint and forearm tendons. 

Tennis elbow does not just occur in athletes. Daily strain – whether occupational or recreational – can lead to small tears in the tendons for just about anybody.

In this article, we will present some of the most common causes of tennis elbow. We will also review three helpful tennis elbow exercises and stretches that will help you begin to relieve the pain and move forward.

Common Causes of Tennis Elbow

This condition is called tennis elbow because it tends to occur when heavy or continuous activity puts excessive strain on the forearm muscles that are typically used when playing tennis. 

For the most part, tennis elbow pain appears after activities that include frequent twisting, lifting, or gripping. It is important to rest your arms regularly to alleviate the pain and avoid further injury. In the case of extreme discomfort, it is crucial to seek out tennis elbow treatment as soon as you can.

Some of the most common causes of tennis elbow include long hours spent typing on a computer or tablet, racquet sports, and repetitive activities such as sewing, using hand tools for yard work, or cutting vegetables

3 Exercises for Tennis Elbow

You can often get rid of the pain associated with the tennis elbow by making a point to rest your arm at regular intervals. The following exercises and stretches can also help alleviate the pain. However, always make sure to consult your doctor before exercising any seriously injured body parts.

1) Fist Clench

This tennis elbow exercise strengthens your grip by enhancing the mobility of your forearm muscles, allowing you to get on with your daily life.

This exercise requires a towel and a solid, flat surface, such as a table. Rest your forearm firmly on the flat surface and hold a furled-up towel in your hand. Squeeze the towel tightly and hold for ten seconds before relaxing your hand. Complete this sequence in repetitions of five to ten over the span of several days. 

2) Wrist Extension

Wrist extensions train the extensor muscles, which are connected to the elbow. In a sitting position, place your elbow on your knee and hold a dumbbell with your hand facing down. While keeping your arm in place, slowly curl your wrist towards your body before lowering it back to its original position. 

If using a dumbbell is too difficult, this exercise can also be completed without using any added weight. 

3) Towel Twist

As the name suggests, for this exercise you simply need to twist a towel with both hands. This activity targets both the wrist extensor and wrist flexor muscles. To get the most out of the exercise, we recommend twisting the towel in both directions for a total of ten repetitions per side.

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