Tips to Build Successful Wellness Programs in Remote Workers

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Remote working has now become an acceptable option in most occupations. It has been proven that employees can be just as productive working remotely as they are when working on-site. A common challenge faced by employers is finding a way to overcome the lack of physical contact between their employees when building an effective corporate wellness program.

What is a corporate wellness program and what is its purpose? These programs involve getting encouragement and support from each other in a team and are developed by businesses to help employees maintain healthy behavior, which in turn creates a healthy working environment.

Having remote workers, however, makes it difficult to put together a team and to have wellness activities or events. We have listed a few tips on how to create a corporate wellness program that addresses the challenges of remote work and helps to provide employees with the support that they need.


Use Team-Based Wellness Activities and Challenges With Remote Employees

Remote employees are used to having virtual meetings with their colleagues and working in teams for projects. As part of a virtual corporate wellness program, let employees form teams to compete with others teams to be recognized as the healthiest team. For example, logging in the amount of activity each team member is doing adds up to the team’s score.

Having a leaderboard is a fun way to motivate teams to collaborate and win through team effort. Team members will be interacting with each other whether they are remote or on-site employees.

 Allow for Flexibility in Company Wellness Incentive Plans

Remote workers tend to have different ways to manage their time to find the right schedule that works for them. Finding the time when all employees will be willing to participate is a challenge. Flexibility and being able to choose their own time increase the likelihood for remote workers to participate in the activities.

A great way to do this is having a points system. Accomplishing wellness program offerings allows participants to earn points and get closer to an incentive. In addition to the flexibility of time, let employees have the flexibility of whether they want to interact with the other employees or not.

 Use Web-Based Wellness Platforms

Online platforms are a great tool to create and manage virtual wellness programs. These platforms, which are software applications, allow employers to merge employee wellness data with their databases such as HR solutions, benefits applications, and health records.

Web-based platforms make it easier to manage a wellness program virtually. Incentive programs, meetings, challenges, and communication can all be integrated together on the same platform.


Offer Programs for Emotional and Mental Wellness Topics

Working remotely can have a toll on mental health. In addition to the loneliness felt from spending every day at home, the separation between work and personal life can become blurry.

Corporate wellness programs can assist employees to manage mental health and emotions.

Corporate wellness programs for remote workers must be designed to improve stress management, sleep quality, work-life balance, and so on. Activities can focus on behavior change, be fun challenges, or be a combination of both.


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