Why Physiotherapy?

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For decades, medical doctors and scientists have been looking for the ultimate formula for treating diseases. The discovery of antibiotics has revolutionized the way we treat different conditions and has significantly enhanced the capabilities of modern healthcare.

Nonetheless, humans continue to strive and look for new options to treat diseases easier, faster and cheaper. Physiotherapy is a method that dates back thousands of years, but nowadays, it’s growing exponentially in popularity because of its wide range of benefits.

Read on to learn more about how physiotherapy can help you treat and manage various diseases with exceptional effectiveness.

Physiotherapy Explained

Physiotherapy is a centuries-old treatment method that aims to recover, maintain and strengthen mobility, function and overall well-being.

It works by using the principles of physiology and anatomy to help you prevent and treat injuries, and stay in optimal shape without turning to drugs and surgery.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be sick or injured to visit a physiotherapy clinic. Many athletes and regular people regularly see a physiotherapist to keep their body and form at top level and prevent injuries.

Targeted exercises, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, cryo and heat therapy are among the most popular methods of physiotherapy.

Benefit #1: Reduces Pain Without Surgery

The most common reason people visit a physiotherapy clinic is pain, whether acute or chronic. To help alleviate pain, therapists can apply various techniques such as manual therapy, Kinesio-taping, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and many more.

Usually, the benefits of physiotherapy can start to be seen within a few visits over a couple of weeks, with patients experiencing significant relief from pain, swelling and decreased mobility.

In many situations, physiotherapy alone can treat chronic pain, eliminating the need for surgery. Nevertheless, even if surgery becomes mandatory, pre- and post-surgical physiotherapy can help you recover much faster with a lower risk for complications.

Benefit #2: Provides a Personalized Approach

Whether you are experiencing a small injury or complicated trauma, a professional physiotherapist can provide a fully personalized approach tailored to your needs.

During your visit at the physiotherapy clinic, you will get to discuss treatment options, the different physiotherapy methods available, recovery time and personal preferences.

This way, you will receive an individual treatment plan, with each step serving the ultimate purpose of helping you return to everyday life and doing your favourite activities.

Compared to conventional medicine, physiotherapy leaves patients with more satisfaction, less stress and quicker results. Nonetheless, many conditions will require the use of both as well as other methods, therefore, you should not avoid going to the doctor if needed.

Benefit #3: Prevents Future Injuries

In addition to physiotherapy being able to treat existing injuries, it can also prevent future ones.

Physiotherapy approaches can help work out your muscles, ligaments and joints to make them less susceptible to strains and sprains. It is invaluable for endurance sports such as running, swimming and cycling, where stress fractures and other chronic injuries are exceedingly common.

With the extensive benefits of physiotherapy, athletes can ensure they stay in top form and significantly reduce their risk of getting off track because of an injury.

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